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Ward ventures near Wales - the Aberfan disaster happens.He goes to Wimbledon - a British player has not won since.no further comment will be made' Michele Schweitzer, Tina Turner's spokeswoman There was a time when Ike and Tina Turner seemed destined to be the greatest musical partnership in America. Their biggest hit, "River Deep, Mountain High" was a chart buster in 1966. He had been playing the blues since the late 1930s and, in 1951, made what was hailed as the first rock 'n' roll record, "Rocket 88", which spent five weeks at No 1 in the rhythm and blues chart.

In 1986, she published an autobiography that destroyed what was left of his reputation. Mc Cartney liked to write sentimental love songs such as "Yesterday", Lennon liked rock songs.

The last time he saw his mother, she was smiling at him from her hospital bed. Groucho Marx was "stiff and austere", Duke Ellington "dreadful - self-conscious and totally uninterested", Peter Cook "merely polite and pleasant".

I wanted to burst into applause when reading that Norman Wisdom stuck his tongue out at him.

Alec Guinness made him wait outside until he'd finished lunch. If the reporter or interviewer is generally the gentleman, the character with the Rolleiflex muttering about shutter speeds is his batman - Eric Sykes, as it were, attending upon Terry-Thomas in Monte Carlo or Bust.

Press photographers often have a hard time, hanging about with their Hasselblads and fiddling with apertures until summoned.

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