Who is joe francis dating

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"We both wanted girls and we wanted them to be healthy and free of genetic diseases so we chose to do IVF," the pregnant Abbey Wilson, 26, said.Ever defiant, Joe Francis claims he is not going to jail, despite just being sentenced to 270 days in jail for assault and false imprisonment of a woman.Francis made millions through Girls Gone Wild, a series of softcore videos in which young drunk ladies were coaxed into disrobing for the camera.But he's had a lot of legal trouble along the way, including tax battles and lawsuits.In truly shocking news, the man behind Girls Gone Wild apparently has a sex tape.Sources confirm to TMZ that Joe Francis is at the center of a "hardcore" amateur porn that was filmed several weeks ago and which stars himself and girlfriend Abbey Wilson.David’s apparently moved on to Mc Larty, who happens to be “Girls Gone Wild” head honcho Joe Francis's ex-wife.The actor revealed that he’s been dating Christina since summer, when they met at a boat party.

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He did not immediately answer an email from CNNmoney asking him to explain how he manages to afford such a lifestyle. The business was recently purchased by investors and continues to operate.Francis was supposed to turn in his Bentley Flying Spur and Cadillac Escalade as part of his bankruptcy filing two years ago. Francis told CNNMoney that he isn't worried about getting extradited because this is a civil case, not a criminal one. It's not the first time that Francis has had a brush with the law.He was convicted in 2013 of a misdemeanor assault against a woman and sentenced to 270 days in jail. "I will clarify that the assault conviction was a misdemeanor and it is still being appealed," said Francis, in an email.However, his bankruptcy lawyer Michael Kolodzi told CNNMoney that Francis couldn't have done that because the cars had already been seized by a Mexican creditor.Kolodzi said the creditor was mad that the Girls Gone Wild promotions fell through at his strip clubs in Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. District Court in Los Angeles issued a warrant for Francis' arrest on Tuesday. According to his Twitter account, he's currently at the Casa Amara in Mexico, a luxury resort frequented by the Kardashians.

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