Who is kelly monaco dating in real life

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|Glamour: You're young and beautiful. BB: When it comes to men, it helps because they talk a lot to me! It isn't related to fashion; I will be focusing on human rights with the help of [F4D president] Evie Evangelou.I believe in the power of guilt-shaming people into fixing their own mistakes or taking action; for 10 years I've been selling stories that people don't really want to hear.She's been working as a reporter since she was 19 and holds a master's from Columbia University; she cooks dinner at home most nights and wears jeans on a regular basis.And in November Borromeo was appointed special envoy for human rights for Fashion 4 Development (F4D), a United Nations-affiliated initiative through which she will advocate for civil and environmental issues. I sat down with Borromeo over eggs Benedict to get the scoop on the modern royal's life."Don't make me like a little princess, please," she says."It would really depress me."This isn't just a sartorial choice for Borromeo.Glamour: You've been working since you were a teen—as a model, then a journalist. Beatrice Borromeo: The first part of my life, until I was 16 or so, was extremely political.I grew up with one of the most corrupt governments in Italian history. When I was 19, I was invited to join the team for a news television show. Then I had a radio show, started working for a paper, and eventually began doing documentaries as well.

The project, which also stars Tim Roth as Rainier and Frank Langella as Father Tucker, was recently denounced by Grace’s son, Prince Albert, and his sisters Caroline and Stephanie, as ‘needlessly glamourised’ and riddled with ‘major historical inaccuracies and a series of purely fictional scenes’.

She actually royalty: Last summer the world watched when she wed Pierre Casiraghi, the younger son of Caroline, Princess of Monaco, and grandson of Grace Kelly.

But day-to-day life for Borromeo, an Italian aristocrat by birth and a journalist by training, is refreshingly grounded, career-driven, and .

But at the moment I'm thinking about putting my career in a place where it wouldn't get threatened by the presence of children. BB: I do a special lemon chicken that is my husband's favorite. No look will ever make up for the fact that I'm uncomfortable. When you had a moment in your life that you care about so much and that else cared about as much as you, but for other reasons, it's nice to keep some parts of it to yourself. I did it a few times in my life, and it doesn't feel right.

Glamour: You are Italian, but your husband is from Monaco. BB: I don't live the fancy side of it; that's mostly in the summer. I've got my market where I go buy food and fresh vegetables. Glamour: That said, your wedding last summer was a pretty major fashion event. You can wear Zara and nothing bad is going to happen to you.

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