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(Specifically we’re in the Computer Science field.) I just dealt with this for a client who is basically always in hiring mode too (in part because they’re growing and in part because they have really hard-to-fill positions). As for where to post, I’ve always found niche job boards (for example, Idealist for nonprofits or Roll Call for politics) produce better results than mass ones like Indeed. I am a college senior currently interviewing for jobs, and I have a question about the norms for video interviews.

I was getting worried that people who kept seeing the ad month after month would assume that it indicated really high turnover, so I wanted to explain the situation somehow. I don’t know what kind of computer jobs you’re hiring for, but you could look at DICE, Tech Crunch, and Git Hub, and commenters might have other suggestions for you. Who is supposed to start the video call at the appointed time?

(And I know you told him you were just going to speak about his performance in respect to the board, but the board is responsible for the organization and for managing the ED — so arguably everything that happened is board business.) This isn’t “well, he was great at most of his job but pretty bad at Task X.” This is someone who wreaked havoc across your organization, and I bet you would have been really grateful if someone had warned you when you were doing reference checks on him. Job offer without ever speaking to the manager I recently went through a second interview — a panel interview — for a job I’m really interested in, and am waiting to hear back.

When I asked when they would know their decision, they made it sound like they would decide after this round of interviews was over.

This position would require travel between several offices, and the person in the position would get to define their responsibilities in large part — it’s a big organization but a new department — so the management would be a very important part of this position. It’s very reasonable to want to meet the person who you’d be reporting to, since they’ll have a major impact on what your experience in the job is like.

Did you tell him that you’d give him a positive reference, or just a reference?The worst part was that, as soon as he was on board, people came out of the woodwork to tell us what a nightmare he was.He and I had a friendly relationship, but did not keep in touch. I said yes, but that I could only speak to his performance with respect to the board, which he accepted.I once served on the board of a small nonprofit, which I left a year ago.During my time on the board, our long-term executive director left the organization and we hired a search firm to recruit a new ED.

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