Yunho dating

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So hurry up and give us the 25 mini Yunhos you want to have lol.

Love you ♥♥♥ @federick no hard feelings at all, it's just that a lot of people (including non fans) base that conclusion off yunjae.

It just seems like the year of celebrity relationships as yet another potential couple has been reported on.

This time the report involves none other than TVXQ's Yunho, who is rumored to be in a relationship with his co-actress of drama 'The Night Watchman', Seo Ye Ji!

With Minhyun promoting with Wanna One and the other four promoting as NU’EST W, the future seems bright. After all -- the past is history, the future is a mystery, and today is a gift. Nothing can ever make what happened to them alright and there is going to be an end to it.

Flowers await each one of them with hopes and prayers for their future. They have a plan, and no one better get in their way.

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Besides the fact that I did not see this article coming and didn't even visit kpop for a few days till my friend gave me an awesome heart attack asking "is Yunho really dating???

They are a cute couple who will consult with one another about their acting as well...

Because of eyes on set, they act carefully around each other on set, but on their days off they will go on dates."Apparently an insider from the drama also stated, "Although we already caught on that the two are seeing one another, we don't express that we know [of their relationship].

The rep commented, "She said Yunho is a close oppa who takes good care of her. : P in fact there have always been one or two persons in every group that i didnt much care about..

They're not dating."SM Entertainment also followed right up with their short and sweet response, "They're just co-stars who appear in the same drama." TBH I don't think they are... dbsk is the only group in which i have liked all the members, but jaejoong is THE killer : D ;) i think Yunho is dating but not with this girl.i dont know why, even my mind says its ok,she is cute,pretty but my heart can't accept she as a Yunho's GF/i bad fan?

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